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up◆ 25.8 perc●ent for the first ●three days of t◆he Holiday.This■ was partly due○ to a policy ap◆proved by the State◆ Council, the Ca●binet, in ○June this year,■ aiming to s●pur domestic consum〓ption by su〓bsidizing buy■ers of cars and◆ household app○liances, ac〓cording to t◆he ministry.For ○example, consumer●s can first sell th○eir old hous◆ehold

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餫nd obtain a certif●ication card fro○m the recyclers. C〓ard holders the●n can purchase● new applia●nces with a ●10 percent cut i■n prices w●hen showing◆ retailers t■he card.Meanwhile, ●sales of unpacked m●oon cakes of more〓 flavors, su○ch as coffee○, chocolate,◆ and even i■cecream are selling◆ well, and at low○er prices, when ●Chinese enjoy the◆ir Mid-Autumn Fe●stival on Oct.3, w◆hich overlapped ○with the holi■day, according t●o the ministry.BEI●JING, Sept〓. 21 (Xinhu○a) -- The Info■rmation Offi〓ce of the State C●ouncil, or China's c○abinet, published a ○white paper on the d●evelopment and pr●ogress in Xinj●iang Monday. Foll●owing is the full ◆text: Developme●nt and Prog〓ress in Xin◆

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total of 1●4 billion yuan i

e Coun●cil of the People●'s Republic o〓f China Content■s Foreword I.〓 Swift Economic D〓evelopment II. Re〓markable Impro●vement in People's● Lives III. Ste〓ady Develo■pment of S◆ocial Progr◆ams IV. Preservati◆on of Ethnic Culture●s V. Upholdi○ng Ethnic Equality a●nd Unity V○I. Protecting Ci○tizens' Rights of● Freedom of Re●ligious Belief VI◆I. Safeguard●ing Nation◆al Unity an○d Social Stability ○Conclusion Chinese ■computer makers ■are increasing〓ly going rural t○o market their p●roducts to cash in o●n the recent g◆overnment mo○ves to subs○idize appl■iance purchases.Acco●rding to a 〓recent surve●y conducte●d by IT new◆spaper Popular C●omputer Week●, Chinese farmers ■desire to own co

m〓puters far ou●tstrips the demand ●f

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or appliances lik●e TV sets and● digital cameras.Ne●arly 30 percent ◆of the 4,160◆ farmers su●rveyed from si○x provinces◆ expressed the〓ir keenness to p●ossess a c◆omputer. Over● 47 percent of the r■espondents fro■m Shandong said t●hey would ◆prefer a c■omputer that would 〓assist them i■n their farm●ing activi■ties.It is not just

● the farmers wh◆o are triggering the◆ rural demand●


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. Notebook◆ computers have re〓cently emerg●ed as the most 〓sought after〓 appliance〓 on prospective b○ridegroom'〓s must-have app●liance list●s in rural areas■.Of course, it■ is not such a bi●g expense, o〓ne would say●. But to spend ○5,000 to 6,000○ yuan on an applian●ce that does not■ cook food● or wash l■aundry is not a li○g

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ht decision ■for a rural fa●mily living on a●n average r●ural income.Acc○ording to ◆the

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